The 电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版’s Organization & Delivery of Burn Care Committee develops and maintains plans to manage regional burn surge capabilities in the event of a mass casualty or other disaster. They have worked to educate burn centers, hospitals, government agencies and others about these issues.

Resources on this page will be updated regularly and available when they are needed most.

Guidelines for Care in Austere Conditions

Patient Care Priorities for the First 24 hours in Burn Mass Casualty for Non-Burn Physicians

Burn Mass Casualty Incidents, the Revised (v.3) Triage Tables during a Surge of Burn Injured Patients

Letter to the JBCR Editor : These 4 articles specifically address how to carry on effective burn care in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Introduction to Burn Disaster, Airway and Ventilator Management, and Fluid Resuscitation
Article | Slides

Special Care Topics
Article | Slides

Special Etiologies: Blast, Radiation, and Chemical Injuries
Article | Slides

Surgical and Nonsurgical Wound Management
Article | Slides

Burn Disaster Regional Emergency Hotline Numbers

电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版 Central Office: (312) 642-9260
Chicago, IL

24/7 电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版 Disaster Response Contact:  (301) 461-2442

Northeast Region: (866) 778-3659
Eastern Regional Burn Disaster Consortium

Midwest Region: (800) 922-2876
Regions Hospital Burn Center, MN

Great Lakes Region: (734) 936-2876
State of Michigan Burn Coordinating Center, MI

Southern Region: (800) 359-0123 
Backup: (205) 975-2400
Alabama Trauma Communications Center, AL

Western Region: (866) 364-8824
Utah Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness

Canadian Region: (416) 435-1131

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