The 电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版 Burn Research Network (ABuRN) oversees all 电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版-affiliated clinical trials, functioning to guide and support all aspects of the clinical research enterprise.

The purpose of ABuRN is to facilitate the successful execution of burn research in order to advance modern burn care. ABuRN services are available to investigators or entities wishing to utilize the infrastructure to advance research in the field.

ABuRN is comprised of three components that can be utilized together or in a modular manner to meet your specific needs.

电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版 Central Office (CO)

Full clinical trial management capabilities with low overhead – the ABuRN financial engine

  • Assist with & coordinate IRB/HRPO submissions & communications
  • Assist with & coordinate reporting
  • Direct & manage site contracting
  • Direct & manage site reimbursement
  • Coordinate & compensate DSMB
  • Support DCC & BSAP ABuRN activities

Burn Science Advisory Panel (BSAP)

The intellectual capital of ABuRN

  • Assist with protocol development
  • Assist with & coordinate site recruitment
  • Provide comprehensive trial oversight
  • Assist with establishment of DSMB
  • Provide oversight of DSMB
  • Provide mechanism for direct, efficient interface with individual site PIs to insure a study runs smoothly & any issues are rapidly resolved

Data Coordinating Center (DCC)

Full CRO capabilities, but will not provide FDA consulting

  • Assist with & coordinate IRB/HRPO submissions
  • Direct & manage forms development (paper CRFs, eCRFs, etc…)
  • Direct & manage site initiation visits
  • Data collection, management, & security
  • Centralized document management for reporting
  • Assist with & coordinate study reporting
  • Statistical support
ABuRN Track Record
  • Successful management of 16 studies, at 50 Burn Centers, over 12 years, and totaling $28M in funding
  • Demonstrated capability of being able to flex staffing and skill sets both up & down to meet study needs at any given time
  • Fully capable to provide all components for successful clinical trial management & willing to do so in a modular (a la carte) manner
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